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What Others Are Saying

As an entrepreneur who is busy growing her business but wants to  give back at the same time, I've always been challenged on how to contribute when time is so sparse. Nadia's book was just the inspiration I needed. Partnering is a no brainer and with Nadia's help I know that I'll find the perfect cause for my business. This book is a must read for social entrepreneurs and nonprofits. It's about time we had expert facilitators like Nadia

Lisa Roulette


Clearly thoughts of someone who understands both sides of the coin. As an entrepreneur I find it difficult to work with non-profits which appear to resort to begging.

I think this e-book will go along way to help nonprofits and entrepreneurs to understand a code of engagement beneficial to both parties.

Merve Watson

AJM Enterprises Inc.


Based on experience from both sides of the fence, Nadia clearly explains how the not-for-profit landscape is changing and gives guidelines on how businesses and charitable organisations can work together for mutual gain. By highlighting the mindsets of not-for-profit and business leaders, it becomes obvious why there is so often a mismatch and how to overcome this mismatch. A deceptively simple publication with far-reaching observations and impact.

Su Copland

Priddey Marketing Inc.

United Kingdom

Get to know Nadia

Meet Nadia

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I am deeply empathetic, kind to a fault, highly energetic and hopelessly optimistic.

I have been through so many phases of life. There have been exhilarating highs and unimaginable lows. Somehow, I always manage to see the good in moments when the bad is overwhelming. Those small glimpses of hope empower me to withstand and fuel me to continue.


It all boils down to the immense support I have been fortunate enough to receive from so many people. At the end of the day, it's about people. When I was graduating as a member of the President's Society, the highest honour society at St. John's University and when I was battling breast cancer; when I was traveling the world and when I lived in fear of a psychologically abusive ex; when I was enjoying the beauty of my family and when we were at the food bank; when life was high or when life was low, the right people were always in place to help me enjoy the feast and endure the famine.

In this current dispensation, I bring everything that I have to support my clients. The good the bad and the ugly. I have learned through success, trial and error. My willingness to serve authentically comes from being a teacher at heart. I live for those moments where something you thought was impossible suddenly becomes simple, just because you were able to understand the few missing principles that undermined your efforts. My ability to fully understand your situation and to take on your problem as though it were my own means that you get a partner who is willing to jump into the mire with you, but who has enough breadth of perspective to show you the path towards the success you seek and support you on your journey towards that new and bright future you so rightfully deserve. With me, you don't just add a team member, you magnify your energy, multiply your supporters, duplicate your evangelists and manifest your desires. 

Nadia is a thoughtful and detail-oriented planner. She blends together creativity and vision for all of the projects she puts together.


Nadia goes all in. I’ve seen her kneeling to snap the perfect candid photograph, arranging products to fill out a table and making a small space feel like a spacious event room. Armed with creativity and vision she’s the whole package.

Jestine W.

Nadia is a great person to work with. Her leadership skills as well as her accuracy in determining clients' needs can't be rivaled.  I admire her attention to  detail when working with her. She makes sure that all you need to work with her is ready prior to your first day.

Grace M.

Nadia is a trailblazer, an innovator and an infectious leader. She leads with her whole heart and shows up willing to be vulnerable, open and transparent. Her inner strengths is commendable, and her compassion allows her audience to be assured that in Nadia, there is a safe place!

JoMarie B.

Nadia helped me with copywriting product descriptions for my online store.

Communication of how long it would take to finish the project and the costs were very clear.

Nadia’s work was impressive and excellent just like she had promised.

Naveline M.

2114 is a great B2B consultancy services provider  to partner with. Nadia is very detail oriented and efficient. High priority is always given to clients' requests. Happy to work with 2114 again.

Coleen J.

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