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Grow Money on Trees

Fundraising for Flexibility
Social Enterprise for Sustainability
Grant Writing for Stability
Private Sector Engagement for Growth

Go Beyond
Door Knocking

Grow Money on Trees (GMOT) is our suite of services through which we serve nonprofit organizations. We help nonprofit organizations to become more attractive to private sector partners by using tools such as differentiation, data analysis, communications strategies, integrated fundraising strategies and so much more.

Easy Peasy Fundraising

...without the headache.

Choose from our menu of fundraising options in partnership with entrepreneurs who are passionate about your cause. Book the date and time that best works for your community. We have already completed all of the planning, preparation and promotional materials. You share, show up, have fun and we'll even take care of clean up at the end. Extend your participants' giving with our #HERstory annual partner co-branding and dual fundraising.

Social Enterprise

...keeping it fun and not too salesy.

Let's get you set up with a FREE 1-2-3 guide on setting up a low cost e-commerce option for your organization. Leverage global market access without having to make products, hold inventory, run to the post office to ship or worry about expiration dates. Keep it simple so that volunteers can help out easily without needing a PhD in coding. We'll do all the fancy schmancy marketing stuff and help you to build in a revenue stream for your nonprofit.

Grant Writing

...on autopilot!

With a 3 out of 5 win rate, we've won grants from $20,000 to $150,000 for our clients. We've been sleeping giants, quietly writing grants for clients on request. Now, we're shouting it from the rooftops that we are here to help! Select a package of 1, 3 or 5 grants to be written within a calendar year and we will actively search out the best opportunities for you.

Private Sector Engagement

...stop begging, start building.

Nonprofit and for-profit people want the same things, but speak two different languages. We translate for our nonprofit friends so you can actually understand how to engage the private sector. We are also big promoters of small and medium sized businesses to support local entrepreneurs. So no, we're not going to get you money from a big old bank. But yes, we will help you to build and deepen the right types of relationships with the right organizations.

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