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Are we reaching the right people? 
Are there other services that we should be providing? 
How can we do more? 
Should we do it ourselves?
Who can we work with to be most effective?

These are some of the big questions being asked by our friends at The Olive Branch of Hope (TOBOH). Thanks to funding from Tropicana Community Services through the Supporting Black Canadian Communities Initiative (SBCCI) we are able to invite you to help us get answers to these questions. 
We at Twenty One Fourteen Consultancy Services (2114 Consultancy) are leading The Olive Branch of Hope through a capacity building project where we first reach out to our shared community and beyond through various outreach methods. When our community sets our priorities and asks us where to focus, then we can decide what we are best able to do and where we need to partner with other organizations to fill the gaps. Based on this information, we will then design our strategic plan around a more targeted approach to meeting the identified needs of our community.
We are inviting you to participate in this tremendously groundbreaking work as a national nonprofit organization entirely focused on supporting Black women through a breast cancer diagnosis, treatment and life afterwards. While TOBOH continues the poignant research with McMaster University on why Black women are more prone to develop Triple Negative Breast Cancer, we also want to work closely with them to meet the day to day needs of these women.

Finally, thanks to our funders, we offer an honorarium of a $50.00CAD gift card from one of our supporters. These female entrepreneurs of African birth, descent and heritage have chosen to partner with us in support of The Olive Branch of Hope. Learn more about them below.

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Meet Our Supporters

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J. Nadia Headley BS MA

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Nadia started #HERstoryBy2114 to create a digital space of solace for visionary women who feel as though they have gone through life trying to explain why they are so driven and that their drive isn't just for themselves to make the lives of others better.

Nadia is happy to lead by example in supporting The Olive Branch of Hope and invites you to use your gift card to make a purchase from the #HERstory line of products. If you are a book lover, or just someone who needs to figure out how to make it though the deep, dark moments in life, Nadia encourages you to take a look at her book "Embracing the Valley".

2114 Client Logo Genesis of Jahz.png

Jahz started Genesis of Jahz at 4 (four) years old with a simple question to her mother: "Can we sell my earrings at the park?" She had already been making earrings for a year and knew her designs were really nice. Now the 9 year old kidpreneur has expanded into apparel to promote her soon to debut YouTube channel. 

Jahz is happy to support The Olive Branch of Hope (TOBOH) because she is passionate about helping people. She's really happy about the new TOBOH Kids program that will help other children like her since her Mom is also a breast cancer sur-thriver.


Jahz Headley
Creative Director
Genesis of Jahz

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SuzyMari Fitness Studio '23 - SUZY BUSINESS #2.jpg


Founder and CEO
SuzyMari Fitness and Health Studio

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Suzymari logo.jpg

Suzy always wanted to put community first and did so by promoting one of the SuzyMari Fitness Mission  "Building Healthier Communities" , a space where individuals can come and feel welcome. .
 SuzyMari is proud to support the Olive Branch of Hope because she is passionate about helping her community. She is also excited because of her affiliation with the organization and  is close friend of one of its members, Ms J. Nadia Headley, as she is a breast cancer sur-thriver.


Sophia created the first Soulful Colour affirmation coloring book out of a personal need for something meaningful to colour that reflected her experiences as a woman of colour. The approach at Soulful Colour is more than just colouring; it's a journey of diversity, inclusion, financial wellness, and positive self-talk. Their books feature original, culturally diverse illustrations, affirmations and quotes filling a gap in the colouring book world and appealing to both young people and adults. 

Sophia is not a stranger to The Olive Branch of Hope (TOBOH) because of her personal connection through a close friend who is a 'SurThriver.'

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Sophia "SoJay" Jackson
Creative Director
Soulful Colour

MultiCultural Pencil Crayons 24pk-No Box.jpg
download (1).jpg

TOBOH has opened Sophia's eyes to the unique challenges women of colour face in their journeys with breast cancer. Sophia states, "TOBOH provides invaluable education that now I am equipped with to share with others. When I faced a scare during my own screening, the knowledge gained from TOBOH kept me grounded and reassured. The supportive community TOBOH offers is so needed and invaluable.  This is why I'm happy to support TOBOH—it's a vital resource that not only educates but also creates a supportive community for women when they need it the most."Sophia encourages you to use your gift card to purchase both soft cover books.

YAYAPHOTO5 stripped.png

Yaya Boma-Bibi
Libiki Shop

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Libiki Logo.png

Yaya's journey to create Libiki has been nothing short of fulfilling. It all started when she wanted to help a young woman in her mentorship program (Kids on the Mission to Excel). She had eczema and Yaya wanted to help her gain confidence in her own skin. Little did Yaya know that she was beginning to find and create a brand that offers unique, personalized products that make you feel and look confident in your skin.
Libiki is happy to support TOBOH because it provides individuals with the tools to confidently make the decisions that are right for them and their families while giving them hope for the future.

With a $50 gift card, you can treat yourself to Libiki's Luxe Smoothing hand cream collection. This collection is designed to give your skin the long-lasting nourishment and softening it needs during the cold months of the year. Treat yourself or a loved one to this pampering session for a truly memorable celebration.

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Take The Survey

Thank you for taking the time to fill out this survey. Your personal contact information will only be necessary at the end if you choose to:

  • accept the $50 honorarium (LIMIT REACHED- WAITLIST ONLY)

  • donate the $50 honorarium to TOBOH (LIMIT REACHED- WAITLIST ONLY)

  • be contacted for further support

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