Vision, Voice, Version, Victory

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Hey Sister,


You know, as women who are visionary leaders of businesses and nonprofit organizations, it is so easy to get caught up in the activity and the doing and the empire building and fixing the world and...and...and....

Where do we get to breathe? Where do we connect with likeminded women, yes to network and partner, but also to build relationships that matter, with people who get us?



Welcome to #HERstory by 2114. Through public events and our private membership, we are here to sit down around the pink campfire and refuel ourselves in a community of women who just get it.


#HERstory Membership

Female Friends

Yes, the FB group is awesome, but like you, we want to go deeper. We understand the importance of storytelling. As humans, we have been telling stories to pass on wisdom from one generation to another. Telling our story involves a journey into the heart and a powerful revelation through the elevation of our voices. 

To really tap into our inner wealth, we need to go deeper, together.


In our #HERstory Sanctum, our innermost chamber, our locked away oasis of pure mind power, we have teamed up with some amazing Master Facilitators to guide our weekly masterminds.


Isn't it ironic?

Don't cha think?

We know that we are visionary women, but sometimes, the vision is clouded, becomes distant and unsure. Sometimes it scares the living daylight out of us. So we will start by focusing on vision.


Most of us are born with a voice, but we have to learn how to use it. 

That learning doesn't begin in diapers and end in kindergarten. We gotta keep on keeping on and redefine our voice.


Some of us need to find our voice again. Some of us have lost connection with the strength of our voice. No matter where we are, we still possess all the potential with which we were born.

Even if we cannot physically speak, we learn sign language, we communicate in other ways. We still have a voice worth harnessing.


We've made a lot of decisions, hard decisions, life changing decisions. Some of these decisions brought happiness and some brought pain. In the end, they all brought us here.

Telling our story will empower us to determine the narrative, to guide the version of our story that is told. If we leave it up to the masses, who knows how we will be remembered. 

The power of unleashing our story is doing it despite the fear we feel and the opinions of others.


Take a deep breath.

Inhale the calm, relaxed, victory that comes with the freedom of standing in our power and walking in our truth.

Sail the oceans of possibility, mount the waves of adversity and cruise to the song of our soul. 

Let's go beyond dreaming and start to waltz in our victory.

Meet Our Master Facilitators

J. Nadia Headley

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J. Nadia Headley


Lead Consultant

2114 Consultancy Services

Vallye Adams

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Vallye Adams

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Founder & CEO of Etavale Solutions LLC

Elle Rosher

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Elle Rosher

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Mindset Coach

Suemyya Gangat

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Suemyya Gangat


Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapist

Sophia Jackson

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Sophia Jackson


Mental Health and Financial Wellness Coach

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Sanctum Summit

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We are bringing it all together with a powerful virtual summit to be held January 18th to 20th 2022. 

Our five facilitators will share the stage with other thought leaders who are willing to share their knowledge with you generously.

You want to make sure that you are a part of this exciting and momentous occasion in your life as a female entrepreneur or nonprofit leader.

Upgrade to VIP for hotseats, live coaching and Q&A sessions that will transform your isolated success into holistic success.

When you become a monthly member you get a 10% discount on your VIP package. When you become an annual member, you get 2 FREE VIP tickets.

Want more information on the Summit? Leave us your deets and we'll get in touch.

Girl we can't wait to get in touch with you!

Our 2021 Nonprofit Partner

Female Friends



The vision of The Beautiful Foundation is to be a national organization that serves the needs of women and children across Canada who have survived domestic violence, substance abuse and various unfortunate life circumstances.   

The Beautiful Foundation will provide housing and programs to support and empower the marginalized; in hopes to give a Voice To The Voiceless.




The Mission of The Beautiful Foundation is to support and empower women and children; developing various programs, providing shelter and relevant resources to foster a holistic future. 

The Beautiful Foundation also supports numerous institutions that run programming toward the same end.




The Beautiful Foundation serves the community because we believe that it is every human's right to be given access to the tools to triumph after tragedy. 

We have carefully developed programs and projects that support, counsel and train the individual to attain personal success and achievement.

Judith & Dianne (1).jpg

Judith R.A. James-Meikle is a proud Canadian and is fueled by her
“Passion for People.”

She is the Executive Director of The Beautiful Foundation. For more than a decade she has diligently
worked alongside several shelters in the Greater Toronto Area and in our
nation’s capital, Ottawa with her flagship program called Project Beautiful.
She is known to willingly serve in the most diverse areas of our city and
builds a great relationship with everyone she associates with.

Judith also works as Dean of Students at Adelfiha’s Christian Academy and is CoChair of Stand United Canada.

When you become a member or support HERstory during 2021, 10% of our proceeds will be directed to The Beautiful Foundation. Click here if you would like to donate directly to the organization.