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You don't just hop into a space shuttle and hitch a ride to the moon. Just like the rocket that launches the shuttle into orbit, you need to inject massive amounts of energy to get a business off the ground, or off it's plateau. Why waste that energy by spreading your limited resources too thin? You have just enough money, just enough ideas, just enough people, just enough talent, just enough heart to pour into this rocket. You have to know where to direct it. You have to know exactly what your trajectory must be. You need a plan because the most important resource is also the most limited resource: your time.

In addition to all that is required to launch, maintain and grow a successful business, you are so passionate and driven to make a difference in the world around you. You are not satisfied to simply maximize profit and live lavishly. You don't see anything wrong with luxury, but luxury knowing that you have not meaningfully contributed just seems so empty to you. How do you balance this need to succeed with their need to contribute? Do you have to choose?

You need to do a few very simple things:

  • Get clear

  • Get focused

  • Get a plan

I want to show you how to do well and do good so that you can:

  • Define your passion

  • Hone your niche

  • Strategize your communications

  • Differentiate from your competitors

  • Deepen your community's relationship with your brand

  • Identify ways to served your community

  • Create social ROI

  • Maximise value

You don't have to choose between what fuels your body and what fuels your soul. You do need to be strategic, streamlined and lean. Your dream is bigger than you and it demands that you step up. I am here to help you deliver on the promise you have made to this world, that your limited time here will have meaning and will impact the lives of others and will leave a legacy.

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