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Too busy

Stretched too thin

Feeling like they are inadequate

Wanting to give up

Feeling like a hypocrite with two faces (angry parent vs happy client service provider)

Anger & Frustration

Tried many parenting strategies

Seems like nothing works

Wanting to give up

They beat themselves up and feel like a bad parent.

They dread morning routines and constantly have bedtime struggles

Money comes in and goes out, always chasing the next cheque

Missing opportunities with their kids

Not giving enough to either their kids or their businesses

Children are misbehaving and hungry for attention

Feel embarrassed sometimes in public

Paying attention to their frustrations and lose focus on their relationships

Usually cause break up in marriage or relationships

Cannot focus on their business

Struggle with work-life balance.

Feeling calm and clear

Business building without guilt

Enjoying business and parenting

Have confidence in their approach at home and anywhere they go. 

Feel like they are on the right track with the kids when it comes to

Being successful. Feel excited again

Feel energetic.

See their kids having more fun. 

They see kids look more comfortable. And happy

Experience emotional connection

They can spend more quality time and enjoying their kids.

Happily independent children

Feeling like they are in partnership with their children

Having a deeper connection






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I understand the burden of being multipassionate, loving and empathetic. I understand being a big dreamer, working for the future and needing to remember to live in the NOW. They are always frustrated with their kids.. They feel guilty all the time. They tend to feel like they are alone. They feel like they are failing their kids and ready to give up. 

They want financial success but not at the risk of their relationships with their children.


They want balance between building an empire and building up their children

They are trapped in anxiety, anger and frustration mode with no way out.


They hear themselves being negative, and complaining about their kids.

  1. Getting into profit making

    1. Knowing, if, when and how to work for free

    2. Understanding that creating and driving process requires a system and it does not happen haphazardly 

    3. Knowing if, when and how to offer discounts to promote your business and NOT out of feelings

    4. Scaling my business

    5. Knowing that there has to be a system in place that can accommodate my clients

    6.                  2.  Investing in such a system is key


    8.                 3.  Knowing my USP and when to  

    9.                      offer BONUS

  1. Work life balance

    1. Finding time for self care

    2. Learning the value of play

    3. Releasing the rigidity

  2. Work-Life Balance

  3. Finding time to balance family

  4. Finding time to acquire knowledge

  5. Finding time to give values on a weekly basis

  • Effective Pricing

  1. How to attract the target audience 

  2. How to upsell

  3. How to set up BIG ticket service

  1. Balancing earning and giving

    1. Hierarchy or resources

    2. Hierarchy of contribution

    3. Head vs Heart Decisions

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