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Recently, there are a lot of experts out there. Anyone with access to a social media platform can promise great success if you just click a link. Then there are the firms, with tonnes of experience doing things one way. Personally, I'm pretty tired of experts who don't have a clue!


I don't believe in settling for expertise. I believe in always asking questions, always searching for answers and always learning.


2114 brings satisfaction to your curiosity and finds solutions to problems you may or may not have already identified. Watch out now, some of these questions may make you uncomfortable. Some of them may send you on an inward journey for some answers, but all of them will lead you towards your goals.


As a social entrepreneur, whether you come from the business or the non-profit side, the most important thing is connecting you to your passion and your clients, customers, partners, donors or patrons to your message. The first question is generally, "What do YOU want?". And generally, the first answer is never the answer. So let's sit down over a cup of coffee and ask the right questions so we can get the right answers.

J. Nadia Headley


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